Leon King
Founder / Photographer

Known as “The Lion King” by his closest friends who appreciate his big heart, vision and whacky humour, Leon made Pretoria his home when he boarded a flight from Colchester in the UK over 18 years ago. Now a father of two equally intelligent children and king of his very own, highly successful business; Internet Excellence, he finds himself in the corporate world during the week, guiding a large telecommunications company with user-centric web design and content management services.

On weekends, this innate photographer unwinds while cleaning the lenses of his 100+ camera collection before browsing antique markets for rare equipment and embarking on a photo walk to capture candid expressions of complete strangers. Having exercised his talent at exclusive locations in Europe, Leon is pedantic when it comes to “getting the right shot” and he will not rest until he’s achieved perfection believing that the devil is in the detail.


Dave De Gasperi
Photographer / Retoucher

Named after one of the design capitals of the world, 28-year old, David Milan De Gasperi was destined for a career in web design and cinematography – a natural gravitation which fuses his passion for photography and technology. The only son of a diplomat dad, Dave was fortunate to spend his most impressionable years schooling in Italy where he developed a love for music and art. He returned to Pretoria as a teenager and began honing his creative talent and skill as a self-taught Digital Designer and photographer before starting his own company in 2008.

Some of his best-loved projects included filming and directing a SAMA-nominated music video for the band, ISO, as well as working alongside award-winning artist, Jenna Burchell. When he's not in front of his PC or behind the camera lens, David can be found at a local skate park defying gravity and pushing his physical abilities to the extreme.